Kiss Me Once // in pre-production

Doll, a recently widowed woman, takes on New Year’s Eve, in the hope of finding a midnight kiss. Kiss Me Once is a dark comedy about aging and embracing your true inner self.

Director’s Statement:

I’m fascinated with exploring femininity and aging in contrast to how Hollywood traditionally represents older women and their sexuality. I want to show Doll, who’s not there to further a man’s plot or desire, but who is existing on her own and battling the world and her own set of insecurities and demons. Dancing embodies a lot of things that I love and the dance floor is a constant reminder of how to live: embrace your true inner self. It’s a space that demands of you to live in the moment, to share what’s going on inside of you, giving way to who you really are. I wish to give this story a really intimate lived in quality so Doll can bare herself. I want her and this world to make us feel closer to humanity, to feel like an emotional explosion.